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Mother Tinctures as API


Herbamed AG has the largest range of mother tinctures in Switzerland to top quality. We offer around 600 mother tinctures in the standard range, which are produced according to the general guidelines of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Dilutions & Triturations as API


Whether dilutions, triturations or globules, we manufacture individually for you. Our flexible production allows us to produce small quantities down to the ton scale. Let us advise you, because we have the solution.



For a variety of complaints, we have the right remedy for you. Whether cough, dizziness, stomach problems or hay fever, we have certainly for your well-being, the right natural remedy.

Herbamed: one of Europe's leading herbal extracts manufacturers

Welcome to Herbamed – reliable and high quality herbal extracts manufacturers. Our company is based in Switzerland, where we manufacture and distribute a vast range of natural remedies. In total, our labs can create over 600 natural mother tinctures, which can be used as the basis for all types of homeopathic medications. So if you need to formulate a treatment for rheumatic pain, we will be happy to help. Mixing quality, flexibility, and reliability, Herbamed is the ideal partner for producers and consumers alike.

How homeopathy forms the basis for today's herbal extracts manufacturers

Herbal extracts manufacturers like Herbamed stand on the shoulders of giants. Our high tech manufacturing facilities draw inspiration from over 300 years of homeopathic manufacturing, mixing trusted concepts and ingredients with today's most advanced drug production techniques. For those who aren't aware, homeopathy is an all-natural form of medicine which is based around the idea of "like cures like". By administering tiny dosages of highly potent natural substances, practitioners can cure the symptoms of a wide range of conditions. In fact, the herbal extracts manufacturers at Herbamed can create solutions for everything from gastric complaints to heart and circulation problems, arthritis, hay fever/rhinitis, and weight loss. It's safe, sustainable, and popular - with over 100 million Europeans relying on homeopathy every day.

Why trust matters when choosing herbal extracts manufacturers

Homeopathy is an extremely powerful form of medicine, but only when drugs are properly formulated. That's why Herbamed mixes the latest lab-based production systems with homeopathic philosophy. Our lab technicians go beyond most herbal extracts manufacturers, creating incredibly precise dosages and ensuring the highest possible purity levels for all tinctures. Around a third of our staff are also dedicated to quality control and documentation. This means that we can check that every batch meets our standards, while providing clients with as much data as possible. The results are clear: highly effective medications with minimal flaws and contamination.

What services do herbal extracts manufacturers provide?

At Herbamed, we are specialists in contract manufacturing and medical retail. Our manufacturing service is ideal for those who have an idea in their mind, but need a partner to bring homeopathic products to market. Our herbal extracts manufacturers can work with you from planning to completion, formulating exactly the right concentration and mix of ingredients. With over 600 natural substances available, we should have every base covered. Alternatively, customers can purchase finished medications from Herbamed. Our popular range of drops and tablets includes solutions for many modern ailments. Whether you need a medication for high blood pressure or a remedy for low energy levels, you should find it in the Herbamed catalogue.

Discover what herbal extracts manufacturers can do

Herbal extracts are an effective and safe alternative to allopathic medicines. In many cases, they can be an invaluable complement to conventional medicines. In others, they can provide symptom relief when nothing else works. Whether you want to partner with herbal extracts manufacturers to market medications, or you are seeking finished products, Herbamed should have a solution. Get in touch or browse our site, and find out what natural medicine can do.


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