Do you have a sensitive heart or are you inclined to high blood pres­sure? You have to work at night but nevertheless: you can’t do with­out your breakfast coffee?


You invited guests over for coffee and cake in the late afternoon and they reject your coffee, because they know exactly that ot­her­wise they would have another sleepless night ahead? Your child­ren al­ways would like to do as you do, when you enjoy your coffee break and watch you with that longing look in their eyes?

You work or live together with elderly people, who can’t digest caffeine as they could when they were younger? Then it is good to always have a can of Caffero at home. Caffero is a coffee surrogate without caffeine. The aromatic, soothing grain coffee with rye, barley, malt and wheat, con­tains nei­ther caffeine nor other energizing materials. Therefore Caffero may be drunk also by children and elderly people. One does not need a cof­fee machine – Caffero is simply dissolved in hot or cold water or milk. One accumulated teaspoon is sufficient for a cup and your Caffero is ready. You can add sugar and milk or cream as desired.


The modest, but decorative box contains 125g and should be closed and kept dry.


Surprise and spoil your loved ones at the warm furnace or fire-place at home, or on one of those hot summer evening with the delicious benefit:





Ingredients for 2 persons:


4 scoops vanilla ice cream

50 ml coffee cream

6 teaspoons Caffero


Give the vanilla ice ceram and coffee cream in a bowl and stir the Caffero powder under the mass preferably with a mixer. The iced coffee Caf­fero is ready after approximately 30 seconds. How simply and quickly that can be done! Ice coffee Caffero is a luscious dessert, which may be al­so en­joy­ed by elderly people and children without concern.


Caffero. Delicious and cool refreshment in the summer – Warming and soothing benefit in the winter.