About us

Set on sustainability

When Herbamed AG was founded, the idea was to build up a company with market services that its potential customers absolutely and sustainably need. This performance principle applies to all three areas of activity of the company

Herbamed AG produces a stock range of around 600 mother tinctures and, with this diversity, is not outperformed by any competitor internationally. Because all mother tinctures can be supplied with complete manufacturing documentation and also complete analysis documentation, the company is the ideal partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the second area of ​​activity, contract manufacturing, the large range of tinctures also plays a major role. In addition, the possibility of being able to cover the qualitative part of a registration documentation with Herbamed documentation is often the decisive advantage in the awarding of contract manufacturing. With many years of experience, Herbamed is also in a position to advise customers on the choice of galenic solutions and formulation of extract specifications.

In order to be able to provide these comprehensive services, Herbamed has both a fully-equipped laboratory and numerous, well-trained specialist. One third of the entire workforce is involved in quality assurance and documentation. Almost all of these employees have a university or college degree.

The third area of ​​activity concerns the finished medicinal products. The company has a large number of drug approvals at Swissmedic and in the canton of Appenzell AR. In recent years, many of these drugs have also been approved in foreign countries. A special role Asian countries play here: Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. In these countries it is important to be able to cover practically all important indication ranges with its assortment. In new developments, the company seeks to find complementary medical solutions to indications where debt medicine either has little to offer and only has drugs with significant side effects.