• 15. February 1983Founding

    Foundation of Herbamed AG at the Commercial Registry Office in St.Gallen by Christoph Züllig, Hedy Züllig-Lutz (mother) and Hedy Lutz-Lendenmann (grandmother).
  • August 1983Licence for manufacturing

    The canton of Appenzell AR grants Herbamed AG permission to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished medicinal products for operation in Speicher AR. At the beginning there is an operating area of ​​120 square meters. In the same month the production of homeopathic mother tinctures is started.
  • January 1984 Sale to pharmacies and drugstores

    The company accepts the sale of mother tinctures to pharmacies, drugstores, naturopaths and industrial clients. The target assortment comprises about 200 mother tinctures.
  • 13. February 1986First drug approval

    Soporin, phytotherapeutic sleep drops are the first drug to receive national approval by the IKS (predecessor of Swissmedic).
  • March 1994New building in Bühler

    Move to the newly built company building in Bühler. There are 1400 square meters of plant area with expansion as a pharmaceutical building available. This important step into a new future was also financially a quantum leap for the young company.
  • Automn 1994First GMP inspection

    Herbamed successfully passes the first GMP inspection and receives the GMP certificate accordingly
  • 2006Extension buliding

    The premises were already too narrow. A basement level of around 400 square meters was added to the existing building and at the same time a tunnel was created under the square to the likewise new Heierli building. There, the company could rent 1000 square meters of storage space.
  • December 2013FDA inspection

    First FDA inspection (USA) successfully passed.